Stand oil paint

Intense weather-proof resin-free linseed oil paint with good covering capability, suitable for both interior and exterior wood surfaces (for example, windows and doors). The paint does not crack or flake. Good diffusion allows humidity to escape from wood, protecting it from decay and moisture. The tinting is done solely with weather-proof and lightfast mineral pigments.

High oil content in top coat makes the paint elastic while the strongly pigmented base coating remains intact. This makes renovation easy: clean the surface and apply a new top coat. Linseed oil paint is available in 8 pre-mixed colours (white, yellow ochre, English red, light brown umber, dark brown, black, grey, green). All colours can be mixed with each other.

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Casein paint

Casein paint can also be successfully used as wood paint. In order to paint wood surfaces, safflower oil is added to the paint to increase its elasticity and adhesion capability. Use 30–50 ml of safflower oil per 1 kg of paint powder. The oil is mixed in after the paint has set for 30 minutes and stirred once more. Keep stirring the paint with a drill while adding the oil. Oil must be poured in a fine stream.

In case of dirty painted surfaces, first clean them with soda (for example, art. No. 992). In such cases it is recommended to paint a test square before painting to ensure the suitability of the solution.

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Wood paint

Solvent-free paint for both interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces. Good weather resistance, dries quickly, low odour. Tested and certified according to DIN 53160 (sweat and saliva proof) and DIN EN 71 (safe for toys). Available as matte and glossy in 8 different colours. Colours can be intermixed.

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Wood lazure exterior

Weather-proof and elastic paint for all wood surfaces (especially windows, wooden claddings, garden furniture and toys). The paint must be tinted to prevent wood from greying and protect it from UV-radiation. Tinting can be done with all Kreidezeit lightfast earth and mineral pigments.

The paint leaves the surface glossy and open to diffusion, allowing humidity to escape from wood. Painted surface is low-maintenance and workable (can also be repainted). The paint will not crack nor flake, it is dirt- and water-repellent and has an excellent yield. Resistant to saliva and perspiration according to DIN 53160. Not suitable for flooring.

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