In addition to building and finishing materials, we also offer our customers a wide variety of tools for finishing and restoration works. Our product range includes different natural bristle brushes, rectangular trowels, internal and external angle trowels, sponge floats, rubber graining rockers, tadelakt polishing stones etc.

Casein primer

Tinted primer for clay, lime, lime-cement and gypsum plasters and drywall applied before painting and plastering. Suitable base for Kreidezeit casein, lime-casein and marble-lime paint as well as lime-bound plasters. Reduces and levels out the absorbency of surfaces. Smooths out small loose surface particles. Powder to be mixed with water. Highly absorbent, easy to use, excellent yield. Leaves the surface permeable.

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Paint removal paste


Alkaline paint removal emulsion for removing layers of old paint (especially for paints containing oil, natural resin and alkyd resin). Generally used undiluted, can be thinned with water as an exception.

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Orange peel oil

Orange peel oil is used as a solvent in oils and waxes. It is also good for cleaning tools used for oiling.

Linseed oil putty

Classic window putty for glazing wood-framed windows compliant with DIN 18545–A and RAL 849 B / 2. Paste, ready to use. Easy to use, free of artificial resins, solvents, preservatives and fungicides. Colour: beige. Contains chalk and linseed oil. In order to protect the surface from weather conditions, paint the dried linseed oil putty with natural elastic oil-based paint (for example, Kreidezeit wood lazure exterior (art. No. 320–324) or stand oil paint (art. No. D1000–1007; D1500–1507).

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