Marble-lime wall finish

Marble-lime wall finish is a multi-purpose dry mineral interior plaster with good adhesion capability for creating structured surfaces. Its grainy texture comes from fine marble screenings. The mixture comes in two different grain sizes (marble-lime wall finish medium 1.4 mm and fine grain 0.9 mm). The plaster can be used to even out smaller irregularities in the base surface and structured using different surface finishing techniques. It is suitable for all durable and slightly absorbent interior surfaces such as mineral plasters, drywall, concrete. Thanks to its high pH level (13), the finish will act as a natural fungicide, making it especially suitable for humid rooms.

 Powder to be mixed with water. The plaster produces an even diffuse bright white surface. The finish is odourless, preservative-free and does not need to be painted. Ideal primer for lazure paints.

 The plaster can be tinted with pigments up to 5% of its weight. It can also be used together with lime paints.

Product guide (fine)!

Product guide (medium)!