Clay plaster

Clay and clay plaster, some of the oldest and most important building materials in the world, are becoming increasingly more popular in contemporary architecture and interior design thanks to their health improving qualities and the uniqueness of the plaster’s visual solutions.
Clay plaster is above all healthy and eco-friendly. Its healthy qualities include room comfort or the ability to maintain a stable room temperature and air humidity. Eco-friendliness is expressed in the material’s durability and low energy. If correct work methods are used, a clay structure might stand for hundreds of years and is reusable without any loss in quality.

 Safran clay plaster has been developed in cooperation with experienced German and Austrian specialists in this field. Our clay plaster has passed tests in the University of Kassel in Germany and has a fire safety certificate issued by the Experimental and Research Institute of Vienna.
The high quality of the clay plaster mixture springs from the addition of reinforcing plant fibre, carefully selected sands and ground clays.