Furniture wax and safflower furniture wax

Furniture wax and safflower furniture wax—mixtures of linseed oil and beeswax for interior finishing of untreated wood surfaces or surfaces primed with natural oils. Well-suited for furniture, doors, wood panelling and ceiling beams. Treated surface will be water-vapour permeable, antistatic, water-repellent and easy to maintain. The wax can be tinted with earth and mineral pigments. The clay-like consistency makes the wax very workable. It is applied with a soft cloth in 1–2 thin layers. Polishing the dried surface with a brush gives it a light silky sheen.

Safflower furniture wax is made of residue-free beeswax bleached without chlorine. Beeswax is melted, cleaned and bleached with activated carbon and activated earth. It is mixed with safflower oil and stand oils, which results in a solvent-free and non-yellowing treatment for wood surfaces.

Product guide (furniture wax)!

Product guide (safflower wax)!