Casein paint

Matte wall and ceiling paint for interior surfaces. It is suitable for painting plaster, stone and concrete surfaces, paper wallpapers and drywalls. Casein paint does not tamper with the plaster base’s ability to regulate humidity and therefore it is most suitable for clay and lime plasters. The paint is not suitable for surfaces that have previously been painted with distemper paint or smeary surfaces painted with lime paint, metal, surfaces with wallpaper glue residue and all non-absorbent or permanently humid surfaces.

The use of casein paint in humid rooms is limited to places with good ventilation. The paint is also suitable for coating wood surfaces, in this case, it is recommended to add safflower oil to the mixture (art. No. 370). Safflower oil should also be used as an additive when repainting old surfaces painted with dispersion paint, as it ensures better adhesion.

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